If you have a cause you care about, then maybe this is the right time to start your own charity in order to make your work known to many people. Even though this process is quite challenging, there are several steps that if are correctly followed you have lots of chances to achieve the desired goal. By reading our article you will know exactly the basics for starting a charity. Therefore, have a look at the information below.

The First Thing to Do is to Define Your Mission Before you do anything else, you must define very well your mission. State your cause as clearly as possible, and come up with a unique and attractive angle that will make your mission a bit different than others. Do you want to raise money to help several families afford a certain treatment or do you want to raise money for certain research? Decide on what your purpose actually is and go for it.

Choose a Name that Suits You Best The name of your charity is extremely important and that’s why you must choose it wisely. You must choose something that is very easy to remember. Furthermore, you also need to make sure you have a 100% unique name. Once you have chosen the name you must check your country’s list of existing nonprofits in order to make sure the name is free and not taken already.

Register with the IRS Anyone who owns a charity must receive a nonprofit tax-exempt status. For that, you need to file paperwork with the IRS. In some cases, it is also necessary to register as a nonprofit with the Secretary of State in your country. The rules may differ from a country to another, and that’s why it is recommended to hire a lawyer who has worked before with nonprofits. He will tell you exactly what you need for a smooth application process.

Build a Website In order to explain your mission to the world you need to build a website. You must include here a detailed ‘’About Us’’ page and a place where people can donate directly the money. In plus, you should also have a page related to volunteering opportunities. In case you cannot afford to hire a professional to build your website, then you should try a DIY web builder. Don’t forget that your website will serve as an online advocate for your purpose.
Raise the Necessary Money This is perhaps the most complicated thing to do. It can be quite difficult to convince people to give you money, but definitely not impossible. The first fundraiser will offer you the necessary help to actually get your name out into the community. Depending on what your goals are, you will probably need to raise money for several months. However, make sure you stay positive and do everything you can for obtaining the desired results.

As you can see, starting a charity is not too complicated but it certainly requires lots of work as well as commitment. Overnight success is without a doubt pretty rare in the world of nonprofits, and that’s why you must keep your operations as streamlined as possible.

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