Would you like to have a positive impact on the world? Do you want to make some donations in the United Kingdom but you have no idea where to do that and what this process actually involves? If so, then let’s have a close look at the most reliable UK charities you should confidently visit.

BT MyDonate On this website are signed up not more and not less than 11,000 charities. The website doesn’t charge any fee for those who want to donate, and is extremely easy to use. BT MyDonate is an excellent online fundraising service that doesn’t charge any commission whatsoever, no set-up fee, and also no monthly subscription charges.

CharityChoice.co.uk On CharityChoice.co.uk you will find 1,800 different charities where you can donate the desired amount of money. Take your time and choose the category of charity you are looking for and carefully read all the information before you actually make the donation. Donors can choose to pay the card-processing fee s that their entire amount of money goes to the charity. Donors are most welcome to choose this site because it is transparent about its fees as well as charges and also because it has the lowest possible card rates.

EveryClick.com Another UK charity website that we would like to recommend is EveryClick.com. There are more than 220,000 charities to choose from, and the steps you need to follow for making your donations are very simple. The site is actually a profit-making organization that allows users to raise the necessary amount of money for their charity.

Givey.com Even though Givey.com has less charities than the other websites we mentioned in this article, it is still a reliable one which people can confidently access for making donations. There are signed up around 8,000 online charities. The only disadvantage is that the donor is being charged with a 5% fee on top. For example, if he donates ₤10 then the donation will actually cost £10.50. The fees will cover the cost of processing transactions as well as for running the entire platform. The charities that are registered on this website will always receive the full donation, so you don’t need to worry about this absolutely at all. Why should you choose this platform? Well, you should go for it due to the fact that it is on the first place in terms of medium-sized charities, and it has an ethos of transparency.

Donating money to a charity is without a doubt an amazing thing that we all should do. Unfortunately, there are many homeless and sick people in the world, not to mention the fact that there are also lots of ill children and even newborns that don’t have the necessary money for treatments. We can definitely make a difference by donating any amount of money. Therefore, if you want to do this and you are looking for a UK website for donations, then don’t hesitate and choose any of the above platforms where you will be able to choose between a wide range of online charities.

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