Do you live in London and you would like to donate some money or goods to a charity? Or do you want to work as a volunteer but you don’t know where to do that? If so, then we will show you below several charities based in London so that we make your choice a lot easier.

Green Coridor Volunteers from Green Coridor do some truly amazing things. They turn an allotment into a wonderful space for wildlife. In case you are between 14-25 years old and you would like to learn new skills, then take a closer look on the organization’s official website for more information.
Time Bank Time Bank is a charity that focuses on matching up mentors with mentees. The organization is an excellent choice for companies who want to involve their employees in a corporate social responsibility. Do you want to be a mentor at Time Bank? If so, then hurry up and sign up.

Sutton Community Farm This charity was born in 2010, and since then the volunteers from here turned not more and not less than seven acre of derelict land into a wonderful non-profit social enterprise. The entire project was extremely challenging but the results were exactly as expected. However, Sutton Community Farm is looking for new volunteers in order to support other volunteers that deal with mental health problems. Therefore, if you are interested you can have a look on the charity’s official website.

Foodcycle This organization helps vulnerable people by preparing them nutritious meals. All the dishes are made out of reclaimed surplus food. You can either work here as a volunteer or you can donate money or food. No matter what you choose to do, you will certainly make an enormous difference. If you have just moved to the British capital, then volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and make friends. In plus, single men can also request the services of an escort. Don’t forget that escorts in London are very popular and lots of men request hire them only for companionship.
The Maypole Project This is another amazing charity based in the British capital. It is located in south east London, and it helps support kids with all sort of disabilities as well as serious illnesses. There are many ways people can get involved such as volunteering, donations, and helping with various sporting activities.

The Hebe Foundation The Hebe Foundation has without a doubt a positive impact on young people who want to discover talents in business. It provides fun as well as creative projects that teach children and teenagers new and useful skills such as selling and buying, marketing, and pitching. Therefore, if you would like to donate some money for the future of these young people, you can do it at The Hebe Foundation.

Selfless This is another organization similar to The Hebe Foundation. It has the same purpose, to help young people become successful entrepreneurs. The project that is actually being funded is London Health Ambassadors.
Wide Horizons We will end our article with Wide Horizons, another charity based in London that does some amazing things. The organization actually offers the opportunity for disadvantaged kids to learn all the skills they need in order to build strong relationships and a beautiful career.

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